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Product Highlight: V's Authentic Barbershop Tonic

by V's Professor on Oct 12, 2022

Product Highlight: V's Authentic Barbershop Tonic

Today we are talking about our signature product… and that’s our V’s Tonic. 

V’s Tonic was created as our signature product because it captures the distinct and unmistakable aroma of our barbershops and allows you to experience it at home. 

V’s Tonic is an astringent that helps close the pores on your skin, while giving you a masculine scent and a refreshing finish to your shaving routine. 


  1. Splash the tonic into your hands  
  2. And apply directly to your face after shaving by tapping your hands over your face and neck.
  3. For additional scent or to use as a cologne, apply liberally to your face, neck and chest.

Trust us… the ladies will love it!

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