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Product Highlight: V's Shave Cream

by V's Professor on Oct 14, 2022

V's #2 Shave Cream

Today we're highlighting our V’s #2 Shave Cream. It’s the second step to a great shave.

V’s Shave Cream was specially formulated to work in conjunction with V’s #1 Shave Prep to further prepare the face for an incredibly close shave.  

V’s Shave Cream lifts the hairs on your face, allowing the blade to glide smoothly and capture the whiskers at the right point. Leaving you with the smoothest shave possible.


  1. After you’ve applied V’s #1 Shave Prep, all you need to do is squeeze a dollop of V’s Shave Cream onto your hand
  2. Apply it to your face and make sure it’s covering every spot you’d like to shave

  3. Then go ahead and shave

  4. After you’re done shaving, use a warm wet towel to wipe any remaining shave cream off of your face. Pat Dry and that’s it!

We recommend using V’s Authentic Barbershop Tonic afterwards to help close those pores and leave you smelling great.

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  • Anonymous
    Oct 14, 2022 at 12:21

    Love these videos! Super helpful to understand the products and how to use them!


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