an inside look at the magic of v’s barbershop

by Matt Humphreys on Dec 09, 2020

an inside look at the magic of v’s barbershop

Growing up in Tucson, Jim Valenzuela, aka Mr. V, couldn’t wait to head to the local barbershop with his dad. The trip was a rite of passage that changed the course of his life. Nick’s Barbershop was the real deal. The sights. The smells. The memories that last a lifetime.

When his son was born, he set out to find a place to carve those same memories. But the trips were unsuccessful. So Valenzuela decided to recreate his own magic. In 1999, with no experience in the barber world, he opened the first V’s Barbershop in the Phoenix area, eventually growing the business into 50-plus locations in 17 states.

Along with giving fathers and sons a chance to make lifetime memories, Mr. V’s mission is to offer a first-class experience at a reasonable price. Haircut, shave, good conversation—all with authentic barber chairs, old-fashioned hot lather and straight-edge razors, hot towels, and neck and shoulder massages.